Old paintings & drawings

p>As the scene of regular rediscoveries, the field of old paintings and drawings requires the attentive eye of specialists.

Audap & Associés pays very special attention to the old graphic works it receives, during inventories, appraisals and sales.

More than ever, the timeless beauty of paintings and drawings arouses the interest and fascination of art lovers and collectors. Museums, also keen to add to their collections, regularly follow our sales and acquire works through us, either by auction or pre-emption.

In December 2023, for example, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Besançon placed its trust in our experts by pre-empting a painting by François BOUCHER for nearly €150,000 in one of our sales devoted to classical art.

Modern restoration techniques now make it possible to restore the brilliance of damaged works that might wrongly have been considered irrecoverable.


Accompanied by our specialists, we travel throughout France to carry out expert appraisals.

Very regularly, we organise dedicated auctions bringing together the very best in old paintings and drawings.

Some recent fine sales: :


  • Le Sérail du Doguin, an oil on canvas by Jean-Baptiste OUDRY (1686 - 1755), master of animal painting under Louis XV - Sold for €624.000 in 2011,
  • The Virgin with a Pomegranate by the Florentine painter Sandro BOTTICELLI (1445 - 1510) assisted by his workshop - Sold for €500.000,
  • A painting of fishermen removing their nets in a classical landscape by Claude Joseph VERNET (1714 -1789) - Sold for €489.400 in 2021,
  • Le mérite de tout pays, a canvas painted by François BOUCHER (1703 - 1770) - Sold for €148.810 in 2023 and pre-empted by the Musée des beaux-arts de Besançon,
  • A study sheet with anemones by Eugène DELACROIX (1798 - 1863) - Sold for €78.970 in 2019,
  • A portrait of a man as a hunter, accompanied by his dog, by the very elegant Henry-Pierre DANLOUX (1753 - 1809) - Sold for €46.360 in 2023,
  • A canvas showing a portrait of a man with his hand on his helmet, painted by the TIZIANO entourage in Venice around 1540 - Sold for €103.040 in 2022,
  • Boats on a stormy sea painted on an unparqueted oak panel by Adrien Van SALM (circa 1660 - 1720) - Sold for €64.400 in 2021,
  • An oil painting representing an Israelite Synod convened in Paris in 1807 by Édouard MOYSE (1827-1908) - Sold for €61.820 in 2021 and pre-empted by the Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme,
  • A drawing of a young girl's head resting on her hand by Jean-Baptiste GREUZE (1725-1805) - Sold for €36.000 in 2023.


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