Collections sales



Audap & associés regularly organises the sale of collections assembled by great connoisseurs, within catalogues and sales exclusively dedicated to the history of a house, a family, an ensemble... a taste.

The legendary auctions organised by Me Audap, the Dora Maar collection, Pablo Picasso's muse (1998) and the collection of dresses made by fashion designer Paul Poiret for his wife Denise (2005) remain benchmarks in the field to this day.

Highly publicised, dynamic and exciting for connoisseurs and collectors alike, these collector auctions are a great way to increase bids by creating an event that boosts the success of the sale tenfold.

The "spirit of collecting", the provenance of the works and their history fascinate or captivate, explaining this particularity. Furniture from castles, works of art meticulously assembled over a lifetime, libraries, artists' studios... these sales are also an opportunity to "redistribute the cards", to open a new chapter in the life of the works.

AUDAP & Associés has been working with art lovers and families for many years to organise these exceptional sales and highlight the taste or universe that still sets collectors apart in the 21st century.




  • GINEPRO COLLECTION: A collection of sculptures carefully chosen by a couple who are passionate about French masters such as Carpeaux and Barye.
  • NANOS COLLECTION - PARTS I & II: Important collection of contemporary art, mainly abstract, African and pre-Columbian art brought together by a French collector.



  • A HÔTEL PARTICULIER - FAUBOURG SAINT-GERMAIN: Collection of furniture, sculpture and paintings from a private mansion built during the reign of Louis XV.
  • M. X.'S COLLECTION OF PHOTO CAMERAS: Gathered by an excellent connoisseur, nearly 100 cameras brought together enthusiasts from all over the world to acquire one of these rare cameras, in particular two LEICA Black Paint models M2 & M3, each sold for €52.000.
  • A CASTLE IN THE CÉVENNES: A fine collection of 18th century Provencal furniture and an important collection of old earthenware from a Cévenol castle.
    WORKSHOP OF JEAN-LOUIS PAGUENAUD (1876-1952) - OFFICIAL PAINTER OF THE MARINE: Preserved by the artist's descendants, some twenty works including monumental paintings (up to 6m long) offer a journey into the sun-drenched world of the painter-traveller Jean-Louis Paguenaud: Polynesia, Algeria, Cambodia, the Basque Country, Spain, Africa, etc.  
    A PARISIAN PIED A TERRE : A fine collection of antique furniture, objets d'art and paintings from a flat on the Boulevard Saint-Germain decorated by an American couple in love with great French taste.


  • COLLECTIONS OF THE HÔTEL DE JARNAC: Furniture from the Hôtel de Jarnac, a masterpiece of French Neoclassicism, on rue Monsieur in Paris (7th arrondissement). The atmosphere of this grand residence, one of the last great private mansions on the Left Bank, between courtyard and garden, won over connoisseurs, who were particularly numerous at the exhibition and sale. Among the top bids, an exceptional pair of terracotta vases attributed to Félix LECOMTE (1737-1817) sold for €166.000 and a Chinese lacquer box from the YONGLE period (1403-1424) sold for €61.000.



  • PRECIOUS BOOKS FROM THE GEORGES HEILBRUN COLLECTION: Georges Heilbrun (1901-1977) was one of the key players in the antiquarian book market in the 20th century. With his wide-ranging knowledge, he repatriated to France the rarest and most beautiful books that appeared at sales in the United States and Europe. The sale featured 137 items, including a copy of Le Songe de Poliphile (1499), considered to be one of the finest illustrated books of all time, which sold for €196.000.



  • COLLECTION OF MR X. - ORDERS OF CHIVALRY (PART II): The second part of this collection is presented by AUDAP & Associés on 22 and 23 September 2019, including a jewel from the collections of the imperial family, that of Knight of the Order of the Hunt of Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, brother of Emperor Napoleon I, sold for €56.000 (including fees).
  • WORKS FROM THE MADELEINE CASTAING COLLECTION & GREAT 19TH CENTURY CABINETMAKING FURNITURE: These two groups of works were brought together in the same sale, once again evoking the "Castaing taste" and the expertise of the great cabinet-makers of the second half of the 19th century. Among the top bids, a cabinet by KRIEGER fetched €18.500.




  • COLLECTION OF A BRUSSELS AMATEUR: chairs by designer Charles EAMS (1907-1978), works by Art Nouveau and Viennese Secession artists such as Josef HOFFMANN and Ernest CHAPLET, as well as paintings and pastels by major painters including Maurice DENIS and Paul-Elie RANSON. A magnificent oil on canvas by the German artist Peter BERHENS (1868-1940), Oiseaux et la vague, sold for €25.000; and a sculpture of Eve au serpent by Willy ANTHOONS (1911-1982) for €42.000.

  • COLLECTION OF M. X. - ORDERS OF HORSERY (PART I): Orders of the Holy Spirit, the Legion of Honour, Isabella the Catholic, St Alexander Nevsky, the Chinese Double Dragon, souvenirs of the Duc de Berry, portraits of Russian writers.... This voyage across the globe and the wonder generated by the skills of the greatest goldsmiths enabled this ensemble (394 lots) to achieve record prices, with a total value of €1.600.000. An exceptional case of decorations from the 2nd Duke of Cambacérès sold for €95.000; a jewel of the Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honour in enamelled gold from the Duke of Berry for €21.000 (pre-empted by the Musée National de la Légion d'Honneur); a set of gold and silver Grand Cross ladies' jewels of the Order of Sainte-Catherine paved with diamonds for €150.000; and a knight's necklace of the Order of the Holy Spirit by the goldsmiths OUIZILLE & LEMOINE, in its case, for €100.000.



  • FURNITURE AND ARTISTIC OBJECTS GATHERED BY A TOULOUS COLLECTOR in his private mansion : 18th-century furniture, sculptures and objects in gilt bronze, old paintings, silver and gold, etc. The high quality of these 500 works sold together tripled the sale estimate to €1.200.000 (excluding costs). A neoclassical painting by Louis Gauffier fetched €49.000, an ormolu skeleton clock with sphinxes €40.000 and a suite of 18th century walnut armchairs €34.000.