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Our team of specialists, accompanied by C.E.C.O.A accredited expert Claire Chassine, is on hand to help you appraise and value your Haute Couture and Vintage Fashion pieces.

What can I offer for sale?

Your entire wardrobe can be offered for auction, provided it bears the label of a major fashion house and is in good condition. Jackets, dresses, cashmeres, leather goods and accessories are regularly offered for sale.

Fashion and vintage auctions attract a large public, eager to acquire timeless, elegant, quality pieces.

What are the big names?

Some Couture and Haute Couture houses attract the most enthusiastic bidders by name alone.

First and foremost, there are the great couturiers such as Mariano FORTUNY and Paul POIRAY, in whose footsteps Coco CHANEL, Christian DIOR and Yves SAINT LAURENT follow.

Some of today's leading fashion houses are also benchmarks for both Haute Couture and leather goods: HERMES, GUCCI, Loro PIANA, Bottega VENETA, LONGCHAMP.

HERMES is particularly well valued at auction and regularly achieves high bidding prices. Certain pieces have become icons that are regularly contested at auction: the Kelly bag, the Arceau watch, the Clic H bracelet.

Artists' jewellery is also of particular interest. They bear witness to the spirit of the designers. Indeed, Claude LALANE, Suzanne BELPERRON, Line VAUTRIN, Jean VENDOME and Pol BURY attracted the attention of collectors.

On 14 October 2023, the wardrobe of Frances Patiky STEIN, stylist, fashion editor for Vogue and jewellery designer for CHANEL, attracted the interest of collectors with the auction of a Kelly 35 crocodile bag for €8,134 and a large patchwork stole by ORYLAG for €1,246.





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